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Vehicle ECU Remapping from Berkshire Remaps

What is Vehicle ECU Remapping?

Vehicle ECU Remapping(updating the car or van's brain) is a process that involves modifying the files & parameters that are stored in a vehicle ECU from new at the factory. The vehicle ECU has a large table of data parameters which it uses to make real time adjustments as the engine is running.

By tweaking the parameters in the a vehicles ECU we update the engine's computer software allowing more flexibility within normal operation of the engine.

This is done by simply connecting our specialised equipment to the diagnostics port fitted to your vehicle. We take a copy of the original file, then our experts tweak the parameters to your specification. We then re-write the new files back in to the vehicle ECU via the diagnostics port. Basically we perform a software upgrade to your vehicles ECU. Nothing more! We do not have to remove any parts and always keep your vehicles original file should you wish to revert back in the future, although this is almost unheard of!!

Why don't manufacturers perform Vehicle ECU Remapping?

There are several reasons that manufacturers don't supply the vehicle already maximised as far as performance & economy goes.

Chiefly, manufacturers focus mainly on reliability. Some people look after their vehicles by regularly servicing them, some don't do anything other than put fuel in. Manufacturers prefer to lean on the side of safety and supply their vehicle in a less than optimal tune, as the chances of it lasting longer are increased. This can then mean that the manufacturer gets a reputation for reliability.

The other is that manufacturers often have a range of vehicles, the more powerful vehicles in the range are usually more expensive. Manufacturers have been known to stifle the performance of engines to make sure that there is a clear difference in power as you step up the range. In many cases you can buy a cheaper version of the car or van and then remap it to equal or beat the next model up in the range.