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Berkshire Remaps - Car ECU Remapping and Van ECU Remapping services

All our Car ECU remapping products use tried and tested, industry standard techniques

Economy Car ECU Remapping

Looking to save money on fuel? Then our economy tune remap is for you! Economy Car ECU remapping is available for most U.K. cars, but you will obtain the major benefit with diesel engines. For an economy remap we tweak your vehicles original file to change pressure & timing adjustment, fuel pulse adjustment & turbo boost pressure is adjusted, therefore giving you improved car fuel economy

Diesel Performance Car ECU Remapping

When we remap your diesel engine we can achieve approximate gains of 20-40% increase in additional BHP and up to 60% extra torque. Diesel engines have the most incredible torque & power gains. We simply adapt the engines rev range to increase power under engine load. we can also provide Van ECU Remapping

Petrol Performance Car ECU Remapping

Most increases here are seen on turbo petrol engines. The turbo of your vehicle is controlled by the engines ECU. By remapping a turbo petrol engine vehicle we can approximately increase the BHP by 15-30% extra BHP. Remapped vehicles will be noticably more responsive with power to the throttle. This gives the engine much more gear ratio flexibility, delivering a notable better & smoother drive, and with any previous flat spots ironed out.

DPF Removal

However great the idea of a DPF may be we are all aware that they can bring up big problems for vehicle owners with expensive repair bills. If you choose to remove the DPF filter from your car then this brings up warnings and fault codes within the ECU. We simply remap the ECU to tell it there is no longer a DPF fitted.

Van ECU Remapping & Fleet Services

We are certain that bottom line is the key figure within your business. So why not save up to 20% on your fleet fuel bills? We have remapped many companies fleets of both cars & vans. By performing an economy map to your fleet you can achieve HUGE fuel savings, increased MPG & better engine efficiency

Speed Limit Removal

Many manufacturers have a speed limit function that they tell you cannot be removed. INCORRECT!! We can do this simply by connecting to you vehicles diagnostics port. Therefore derestricting to rev limits previously stored.