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A vehicle ECU Remap A car ECU Remap A vehicle ECU Remap A car ECU Remap
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Berkshire Remaps - The no1 vehicle ECU remapping service in Berkshire.

Using state of the art techniques we provide mobile services for all U.K. vehicle ECU remapping


Save Fuel!

Economy vehicle ECU remapping is available for most cars, but the major benefit is with diesel engines. We tweak your vehicle's original file to change pressure & timing adjustment, fuel pulse adjustment & turbo boost pressure if applicable. Result - better fuel economy!

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Gain Power!

With vehicle ECU remapping we can achieve power gains of approx. 20-40% for diesel engines, an increase in BHP and up to 60% extra torque! Most power increases are seen on turbo petrol engines and by remapping a turbo petrol vehicle we can increase BHP by approx 15-30%!

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More response!

Vehicle ECU remapping shows noticably more response with increased power to the vehicles throttle. This gives the engine much more gear ratio flexibility delivering a notably better & notably smoother drive, with any of the previous flat spots completeley ironed out.

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Better Driving!

We give all our customers a full 14 Day Money Back Guarantee. Even if you are unhappy with your newly remapped vehicle ECU simply call within 14 days and we will return your car to its original state and give you a full, no quibble refund. *Note - standard T&C’s apply

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Welcome to ECU Remapping

We are dedicated to absolute customer satisfaction. As such we only EVER remap the vehicles original file that has been read from your vehicle. There is no point (as other companies do) in bragging about the size of our file database, as we NEVER recycle ECU maps or use “off the database” maps. Every single one of our maps is individually written by our team with years of experience in this field.

Top 10 car remap's

  • 1. Ford Focus ST - 2004-10
  • 2. Audi A4 - 2004-08 1.9-3.0 TDi
  • 3. VW Golf MK5 - 2003-08 1.9-2.0 TDi
  • 4. Vauxhall Astra - 2009 1.3-2.0 CDTi
  • 5. BMW 3 Series - 2010-11 316-335 Diesel
  • 6. Mercedes Sprinter - most versions
  • 7. Ford C-Max - 2010 1.6-2.0 TDCi
  • 8. Citroen C4 - 2005-10 1.6-2.0 HDi
  • 9. Range Rover Sport - 2005-13 > 2.7-3.6 TDV6/8
  • 10. Mazda 6 2008 - 2012 2.0/2.2 MZR-CD

Our Vehicle Remapping Tech

Dimsport Technology

Put quite simply, the par excellence of the vehicle ECU remapping world

New Genius Touch and Map

"The" tool for reading and vehicle ECU's